With a background within the creative industries and experience with the whole process of concept development, logistics and financial aspects Handshake are here to kickstart others entrepreneur souls by consulting and make use of our large network for competitive package deals.



There are so many with great ideas, but few who actually are able to fully realize them because of the lack of tools and an optimal game-plan to work out of. Our consultancy aspect have organically become a part of the Handshake Creative Umbrella due to the large number of inquiries received, which naturally made us link and push an idea to realization, but on the passionated spirits terms.


We wish to support great ideas and are fully aware of the lack of capital new business have, we do not finance, but do have extremely fair prices along with a  negotiated agreement by having a share of the start up in turn.


For more info contact Stephanie & Sofie



The Handshake is an common gesture that symbols peace. What we do is not only shaking hands with everybody, but to make business more than just business. Our mission is to leave the best impression possible to whomever we interact with because we believe that good energy breeds more goodness and success breeds more success.


Handshake was established in May 2012 - a network of friends decided to unite and soon after formed this creative bureau started in the heart of Copenhagen.



At Handshake, there exists an umbrella of creative individuals, who provides the bureau with each of their skillsets - bodyart, woodwork, clothing events and video productions. We generate small scale productions, ideas and concepts through continually innovation and experience.



Our studio is functioning as mainly a showroom & a small tattoo studio - In the showroom we are showcasing local creative souls who are in the startup or already established. Design, art, installation, performance art & whatever you are passionate about has a chance to showcase here.


VXC / Art Direction / Webdesign, logos , DTP , print

Dansk Hus / Webdesign & print

Nørrebro Teater / posters, adds, print in general

The Voice / print in general and web adds ect.

Wonderful Copenhagen / posters

Sport & Event / Web, mail

CSC / VIP cards & car-banners

Kulturnatten / brochure, badges

Charlottehaven / lightboards :CphAirport

Mix Megapol / Radio in Sweden / posters ect.

SBS Broadcast / ppt, interfacedesign

Creative Circle / diplomer, dtp

Supa / André Jørgensen / website

Lemon / addlemon.com / Søren Aaby

Entegrate Creative / Poul Bjørn

Photographer/ Michael Rygaard/ Website

Photographer / Nicolas Dalby / logo

AppEL / Elektriker / Daniel Dorph / logo, b-cards

Combat Sports Academy / CSA.dk/ logos , identity

HKJ Tømrer Enterprise / logo, b-card design

Nordstedt VVS / logo, b-cards

Dark Art Tattoo / tattoo parlor/ b-cards, teeshirt design

Urban Instinct / tattoo parlor/ b-cards, teeshirt design

DANSK / clothingline / logo, DTP, lookbook


Handshake Studio


Nansensgade 56, 1366 Copenhagen

Denmark   CVR 31 19 41 64