Handshake Creative Platform and Agency is run by a group of creatives, for creatives.  We provide a full production solution for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty brands seeking unique content that truly represents them.

Our Platform is a digital space in which we showcase work from our team and connect readers with creative people who share our values.

The Agency represents people doing things differently, from photographers that shoot on film to makeup artists that use all organic products, and models that challenge the commercial mould.

The modelling industry’s unrealistic norms used to determine what beauty is, doesn’t define us.

Handshake Creative aims to create a culture of people interested in changing the industry, and ready to enact this change.  We are a collective of people not limited by ways to communicate our dream, open to ideas, collaborations and the ways to make it happen.

Handshake Creative is experienced in, and committed to, providing quality skills and development for existing and emerging models to ensure they are industry ready. We aren’t interested in diets, scales, and height or size limitations — and find that this approach is highly regarded by our clients and models alike. We are proud to be supporting models in knowing their worth.

Handshake Creative Platform & Agency
General enquiries to info@handshakecreative.com
The Handshake Hub
36/14 Money St, Perth WA 6000