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THEATRE / Playgroup


By Alma Kuschel

The Cutting Room & The Blue Room Theatre present…

Playgroup / May edition

@ The Blue Room Theatre

The first Playgroup of the year kicked off with a room full of local creatives urging to expose what they have been working on and to express new ideas, ready to receive feedback and help to develop.

Welcome to school! Playgroup is a meeting which some use for exposure, others for support and help to take one idea to the next level and gain constructive criticism in a safe space for creatives, especially in the field of theatre, dance and writing, although there is a good variety of different creatives in the audience together with the panel of ‘professors’ who are industry professionals.

In this networking ‘class’ you have the choice to either show or tell; show as in present to the audience a small part of a project. And tell as in just introducing an idea that you want to build from or take to a new level, all within a playful classroom vibe (with adult juice). Where everyone supports each other, asks and gives feedback and share experiences that help the artist in their research to turn ideas into actual performances and art projects. Purpose in challenging the initial idea and building connections as well, with fellow local creatives who could also potentially be part of the project as dancers, actors, writers, producers just to name a few. Did some one say #collaboration? Our favourite!

This event is run by a bunch of creatives from The Cutting Room Floor and facilitated at The Blue Room Theatre. With rich experience in their own unique fields, they played the role of teachers in this classroom (that was the vibe they built), in which allowed people to be more playful and feel comfortable in this space. The person in charge or as they called him, ‘The Schoolmaster,’ was Geordie Crawley (Rorschach Beast & The Big Hoo Haa). He had a panel of ‘professors,’ who were 3 other industry professionals, as well as the audience who played the role of students but were also able to give feedback and express their opinions to the people presenting.

It was pretty exciting to see what Perth talents are brewing during the off-season and it's even more of a thrill to see how each idea and concept will evolve in the future. Yeah, that's right - We're not giving anything away! We hope to catch some of the brilliant creatives soon and if you are interested in enrolling at the next Playgroup, be sure to check out The Cutting Room Floor.


Images supplied by The Cutting Room Floor