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Let's see the Blueprint

Words by Emily Friend

Image by Marshall Stay

Here is a unique production by recent West Australian Academy of Performing Arts graduates, exploring what it means to be human. This is Blueprint

We all have differing views and opinions on thought-provoking topics, but how far would you go to create a change in the result for future humans?

We are thrown into the six-month lead up of three astronauts in training. Alex (Jessica Russell), Jayne (Phoebe Sullivan), and Lewis (Sean Crofton), excelled in their tests and screenings and were accepted into the program. We follow their progress and preparation to take on outer space. Physically and mentally challenging, their body is manipulated to endure their new environment.

 Image by Marshall Stay

Image by Marshall Stay

This 60-minute long physical theatre piece uses movement to fill the theatre-in-the-round setup and creates an intimate connection for the audience members. As they delve into the concept of genetic modification and hope to eradicate disease, toying with personal ethics and the unknown science behind it. We know by the end, they aren’t the same human as before.  

The casts physical skills were impeccable as they moved throughout space. Kudos to Jessica Russell for her commitment to the role and excelling in the physicality it demanded. Her dialogue was emotive and provoked you to think into the topic of sacrifice or doing it as a duty for someone you love. 

The unique lighting design by Phoebe Pilcher was again minimal but extremely effective and complimented her stage design as well. Subdued was the perfect match to such an intriguing conversation about us human beings and what we can do to help our race survivor.

There is something so refreshing about witnessing a thought provoking theme and concept, whilst walking away questioning your own personal stance on the matter. We’d highly recommend checking out this self-devised production before the season closes. Hopefully something more will come from this trio in Fringe season.

‘Blueprint’ is showing until June 24, at The Blue Room Theatre in Northbridge. You can purchase tickets via http://blueroom.org.au/events/blueprint/


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Thanks to Marshall Stay for the images.

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