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Words by Taylah Hanna

Co-working spaces have emerged all over Perth CBD providing a professional space for you to work and build your business.

A daily, weekly, or full contract “rental price” of the space includes all amenities and facilities.

The popularity of co-working spaces is reflective of the positive elements below.

Pros of hiring a desk include:

1. Lower Costs: Because it is a shared environment, the cost to you will be far less than renting a private office. No long leases to sign and you have plenty of freedom and flexibility. Also you’ll be supporting the business you’re hiring the desk off - contributing to lower rent expenses for them.

2. Networking and Connecting: We are all social creatures at heart, enjoying banter and people around us. A shared space will allow you to network and connect with like-minded people. What better place to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit than with other businesses and professionals.

3. Motivation: Having people around to bounce ideas off and keep you focused and on track will enhance your motivation to do work, so overall productivity will increase too.

4. Build your Business: Sometimes it is difficult figuring out solutions to problems on your own, but being in a collaborative work environment allows you to reach out to others for advice. Often, they might have experienced a similar issues and may offer a creative solution or practical suggestions.

5. No more Home Office: Being in a professional space can help enhance your productivity and also allows for a professional space to host and meet with clients, ensuring you put your best foot forward.

While the Pros definitely outweigh the Cons, there are still a few noteworthy potential problems.

Cons of hiring a desk include:

1. Distractions: Sometimes productivity is limited with group social interactions, but just remember you’re there to work. Keep socialising time in a scheduled break, so some good distraction can give you a mental break from the task at hand.

2. Privacy: Some people do not enjoy having others see what they’re working on, but for most of us privacy isn’t a deterrent from renting a desk in a shared work space.

3. Competition: It is possible that you might find yourself in direct competition with someone sharing your co-working space and it can be uncomfortable. Just ensure you stay focused on your future achievements and keep your cards close to your chest. Also turning a potential competitor into an ally can benefit both parties if you have similar goals.

The Handshake Hub offers a co-working space for as low as $20 per day.

The money made from the shared space goes back into the community where local charities reap their generosity.

Located on 36/14 Money Street, Northbridge, The Handshake Hub is an easily accessible office space and offers great facilities and amenities to foster your creativity and build your business in a professional location.

Facilities include:

- Full Kitchen
- Gym (Access available with a full time contract)
- Bathroom, with shower.
- Board Room
- Wheel Chair Access
- Public Transport Accessible
- Parking Spaces
- Local Coffee Shops and Restaurants nearby
- Printing and Scanning facilities

The Handshake Hub’s co-working space is available for hire Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm.

For booking information, email hello@thehandshakehub.com

Taylah Hanna