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SPOTLIGHT / Brendan Lewis

Brendan Lewis

By Alma Kuschel

Brendan Lewis is a local visual artist who is heavily influenced by street art as well as the metamodern art movement. His work is raw and bold as well as soft with a sense of romanticism through it. Debuting on his first group show at Henry on eight the 26th of May the emerging visual artist talked us through his journey as a local young artist and gave us a bit of background info about his work.

Alma: What mediums do you use?
Brendan: Watercolour and acrylic, also I like spray-paint.
A: What’s your art inspired on?
B: Human form, physical or like conceptual? I like the movement called meta modernism, and it’s about irony and satire and things taking such obscure form from what they are and they become something else. There’s a lot in graffiti art, with people like Totem.
A: Like mutating?
B: Yeah well it’s just graffiti in general, you are changing a letter beyond just the letter itself, it becomes something else, and so I’m trying to do that in my art. There’s a deeper meaning.
A: Where do you like to work?
B: I've got two rooms at home so one is my studio and one’s my bedroom but probably I like working outside the most, on walls and stuff.
A: What’s your favourite piece that you’ve made so far?
B: I just sold this piece at this exhibition last Friday, it’s called ‘Magnolia’ but it’s a kid with a gun.
A: What was the exhibition?
B: Oh it was Live Art at Henry On Eighth in Maylands.

A: Who’s your favourite local artist?
B: Probably Sage.
A: Who’s Sage?
B: Can’t say (laughs) just Sage. But it’s mad
A: What kind of art does he do?
B: He does metamodern art as well, but I’ve been painting with him and we try to push each other a lot but he is very progressive.
A: Is he from Perth as well?
B: Yes he’s from Freo.
A: What’s your favourite colour?
B: Dioxazine purple.
A: What kind of purple is that?
B: It’s an extraordinary colour, like violet.
A: What’s your favourite snack?
B: bananas.
A: When did you start painting and drawing? Or has it always been there?
B: I been drawing since I was a kid, cause dad used to sketch a lot and he was really good and I think it was, not like an escape, because that sounds corny but like, it was just something I did when I couldn’t articulate myself in any particular way other than doing that. About after year 12 I started painting more, so that was it.

A: Did you do art at school?
B: No I did not.
A: Is there any quotes that have inspired you or your work?
B: Not quotes but I really like the smiths, think Cemetery gates and Charming Man, and pretty much all their songs.
A: Where do you post your art online? Do you use social media?
B: I use Instagram, its @nips100 but usually just word of mouth, that’s the best. I’m not trying to promote my art that much. In that way I want to make art that’s affordable for everyone, and that’s more genuine to who I am, rather than market it like a brand or something.
A: You said you did a show at Henry on Eight, have you done any other exhibitions?
B: No, but hopefully one by the end of the year.
A: Cool no worries that was interesting. Thanks for your time Brendan.

Brendan was just accepted as a finalist to exhibited a piece of work for Fremantle's '25 Under 25 Art Awards.' The exhibition opens on Friday 14 July 2017, at The Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, 46 Henry Street Fremantle, where the first prize and People's Choice Award will be announced.

You can check out more of Brendan's work here.

Images supplied by The Cutting Room Floor

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