Nicole Millar — All My Issues: Music Video Release

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Nicole Millar's latest videoclip for All My Issues, which she co-directed with JAEN Collective, shines a spotlight on self acceptance and mental health. In an Instagram post announcing the release, Millar wrote that she wanted ‘the video to be vulnerable’, and this feeling of vulnerability underscores the music video, combined with a fusion of smooth vocals, empowering lyrics, imagery and diverse casting. The imagery used throughout the video is almost palpable. A particularly powerful scene features panels of text detailing insecurities being projected onto Millar — Millar asked followers on her social media to send her insecurities and issues they had, which she compiled to make this text — which act as a visual inversion of the insecurities we keep inside, and mirror the message of the songs lyrics;

I don’t hide my issues / Got my issues on my sleeve / I don’t hide my issues / All my issues they’re all me
— Issues, by Nicole Millar

The styling in this scene similarly works to hold a mirror up to the message in All My Issues. Styled by Millar and Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks and Stones Agency, Millar wears a detailed cut-out leotard, thigh-high transparent boots, and an iridescent bomber jacket by Zhou featuring exaggerated proportions and bold organza sleeves that allow light to filter through from the projections. This look is evocative of Millar's personality and styling from her previous music video Signals, also directed by JAEN Collective, where Millar wore a metallic leotard paired with a tinsel jacket by Rachel Burke (Brisbane based queen of all things tinsel). This iridescent, oversized bomber in All My Issues seems to, further reference the "got my issues on my sleeve" line, a stark symbol referencing transparency, and perhaps addressing the need for more transparency in discussions about mental health in the music industry.

As the music video unfolds, we are witness to scenes of youth running on rooftops, skating in car parks, rollerblading and perusing record shops. Featuring people of various ethnicities and shapes and sizes, all with distinct fashion styles that are extensions of their personalities, these scenes act to create an accessible nostalgia where we see ourselves reflected back. It is this emphasis on accessibility in All My Issues that allows us to really connect with the issues and themes that the song addresses. 

Photo from Instagram @nicolemillar

Photo from Instagram @nicolemillar

It is clear the message of All My Issues is applicable to all areas of mental health. Not being accepting, or having conversations, around mental health can often feel isolating. This feeling of isolation was my experience with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is a disorder centred on obsessive, irrational thoughts driven by fear that leads to compulsive behaviour. What began as excessive hand washing and checking locks deteriorated into not being able to go outside, touching anything drove me to panic, and only eating a few bites of food each day. I was afraid of telling anyone about my mental illness, and it was not until after I began taking medication and managing the disorder that I opened up about it. What kept me from discussing my mental health was a lack of dialogue, in my everyday life or in the media. This facet of my mental health experience highlights the importance of All My Issues message, a message which not only benefits the individual in its self acceptance, but others through the dialogue that being open about issues, insecurities and mental health which can ultimately ignite change. If I had seen this music video when I became aware that I had OCD, the song would have acted as an affirmation that my experience was nothing to be ashamed of, and that my mental illness didn't need to be kept hidden — something I hope, and believe, other people experiencing mental health struggles will take away from seeing this video clip or listening to Millar's song.

Through her latest music video release, Nicole Millar has used her artist platform to send out a strong message of self acceptance and the encouragement to enact positive change concerning discussions centred around insecurity and mental health that will reach, and connect with listeners.