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Industry Panel Night

And the category is: People doing cool shit

In this day-and-age, we all use social media. From posting our daily lives, to curating images for sponsorships, using it as a portfolio platform, or getting inspiration for pretty much anything!

More and more, people are moving away from the artificially generated content, to real posts, by real people, living real lives - Just like us.

So we have put together a panel of people that have the Instagram game sorted, and are using their platform to talk about different issues. Individually covering the topics of body shaming and bullies, to transparency around mental health, to empowering women and queer acceptance in advertising and mainstream media, they all use their audience on social media for something more than just the likes; They do cool shit.

Here’s the run-down of our content being covered at this Industry Panel Night:

  • Finding your voice and niche on social media, and core values you want to communicate to your audience.

  • Advancing the industry and various forms of the arts to be mindful about their impact and what they are portraying.

  • The effects of social media on the creative industry and running a business.

  • Common misconceptions about being of influence and how we can combat them.

  • How can the users of social media contribute to advancing the industry and make a difference at the same time.

This night is going to be filled with like-minded people who want to contribute more than just likes to the most saturated digital industry in this day and age with insightful conversations and an open Q&A to finish off the evening.

(Inc. pizza & booze guaranteed!)

Location: TBC, Perth, WA


Booka Nile

When Booka isn’t on tour with her heavy metal band, Make Them Suffer, she is a qualified Psychologist working in mental health hostels in Perth. Whilst she isn’t on tour somewhere in the world (currently USA), she’s either recording vocals and piano for the band, or her solo projects, or filming YouTube vlogs and Q&A’s about topics her fans reach out for her to cover, like social anxiety.



Kim is a Perth-based influencer, artist, and tattooed model, who has gone viral for her before and after makeup comparison. She is open about the social media bullies she’s faced and uses her incredible art skills to create zine’s raising money for Beyond Blue.


Troy Freyee

Photographer known for his raw edgy work, working with brands Volley, Billy Bones Club, Dickies, and Afends to name a few.


Ainsley Hutchence

Art director and creative genius behind internationally renowned creatives blog, Sticks and Stones Agency. Her approach to female empowerment and challenging beauty standards altogether is seen through her own work, and those curated by her from photographers around the world.

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