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You might be here through Raised In Glitter. Here's the update:

Raised In Glitter started as a collaborative adventure for Emily Friend, wanting to create content with other people. It was amazing working with unique people and covering them in glitter. We launched a Pop-Up shop, 'The Crush Club,' in October, and the Agency in January.

But very quickly, it became a niche. Not everyone likes glitter, and could come across as not commercial enough to work with brands. Something so broad, got narrowed down.

Having a team come on board, and some real-talk that resonated with what my gut was telling me, Raised In Glitter was too 'Emily' and excluded people. So here is Handshake Creative. Partnered with The Handshake Hub, a collaborative space in Perth, we will run a fresh creative platform with more interviews, and broader approach to fashion and photo shoots. The Agency will relaunch on this site with a broader range of Models and creatives and a place to connect with digital creatives that work out of the Hub.

Behind the scenes, we have Chloe (from Not Applicable), and Ashlee (model/photographer/stylist) working on the content and media side of things. Rello (model) will be helping curate our weekly Artist Features, and Emily (creative director/stylist) will be working on the Agency and client campaigns with our creatives.

It's an exciting venture and we are so excited to have some amazing people, like you, supporting us.

To get involved, please email info@handshakecreative.com

We look forward to showing you some rad things (with less glitter hehe).

The team @ Handshake Creative

P.S. Shout out to Chloe for helping us with the logo.