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Not Applicable

By Taylah Hanna

Not Applicable, local Perth fashion label created by Chloe Clements, is launching her newest collection this Saturday 24th June.

The first collection launched 6 months ago featured crops and shirts, with the new 2017 collection shifting its focus downstairs, inclusive of overalls, culottes, slacks and shirts.

Not complying to the use of complementary colours, each piece boasts bright colour clashes with soft pastel tones in the designs and patterns.

“The new collection is inspired by the look, sounds and attitude of the 80’s while bringing you into an entirely new era,” says designer, Chloe Clements.

Not Applicable’s message of being a non-gender biased label, made to fit all body shapes, lengths and sizes is evident in this collection; breaking away from the many limitations of the fashion industry, including gender, size and aesthetics.

This collection features three sizes, allowing the wearer to not feel bound to the conventions of 'size'.

Bangin’, Bitchin’ and Rockin’, symbolically hold up the middle finger to the idea of traditional fashion sizing in ascending order.

A loud, confident and rebellious fashion statement makes the wearers feel exactly that.

The collection is available Australia wide on notapplicablelabel.com from the 24th June 2017.

Campaign collaboration with creative agency, Handshake Creative.

Photographer: Sean Pham
Creative Director: Emily Friend
Models: Andy H & Vilasini, Jacinta & Moumen
Makeup: Fei Luna Creative
Hair: Rachel Hall @ Chilli Couture
Mural: Brendan Lewis

Taylah Hanna