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SPOTLIGHT/ The Showhouse Perth

The Showhouse Perth

By Taylah Hanna

Described as “not your typical burlesque show”, The Showhouse Perth is a modern and edgy rendition of the style; where sexy jazz, gorgeous girls in cheeky lingerie, and a sassy storyline all come together for one hell of a show…

Hayley Burdon, creative director of The Showhouse, explained how she was inspired to create a show different to what we already had in Perth.

“It was always in the back of my head to start my own unique entertainment company and cabaret show, but I just never knew how to put all the pieces and ideas together,” she said.

“I did Marko Panzic’s Show Business Course in 2016, and it was the fuel to my fire and what really inspired me to start The Showhouse Perth,”

The main underlying theme of The Showhouse is female empowerment. Miss Burdon always planned to have an amazing cast of stunning ladies from all different backgrounds to come together and perform a sexy empowering show.

Miss Burdon is so proud of how far The Showhouse Perth has come in a short amount of time, since debuting their first show in September last year.

“Yes it’s extremely hard work to get something a little different and risqué out there, but sitting back and watching every show makes it all worth it!”

Creating more performance opportunities for local Perth dancers, actors and singers is really important in helping the performing arts scene grow.

Being local Perth girls with a lot of experience in the industry trying to add in a different flavour is exciting and progressive, but Miss Burdon sometimes loves the industry and sometimes she doesn’t…

“It’s such a tough industry. We all need to support each other a little more and only then I think we will all be on our way to big things,”

The dream team - Hayley Burdon, Kristy Deller and Claudio Cirillo run the showhouse and Miss Burdon knew they were the right people to approach about this project because they are very honest.

“I remember sending them a massive novel of a text during the Show Business Course, and without hesitation they were like YES! They are veterans in the industry and have always been massive inspirations to me, pushing and believing in me and my career. I love them so much… And Showhouse obviously wouldn’t be Showhouse without them,”

The Showhouse has been more successful than what they initially intended. Pushing through the self doubt and fear that creeps into your mind when you’re exposing your passions to the universe took the show to the next level and the public response has been overwhelming.

The dream team are hoping to hold yearly auditions to seek out new local talent and find what’s hiding within the arts community. The talent discovered so far has been awesome, according to Miss Burdon.

“The show means EVERYTHING to us and we know the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it,”

“We are so passionate about getting this bigger and bigger, eventually having our very own venue ‘The Showhouse Perth’ written in neon light bulbs that light up the city!”

Their newest show, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINNERS, debuts on the 14th of July @ Tetsuo NC.

All show information on the Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/683357338531513/

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here: http://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/the-showhouse-presents-the-7-deadly-sins/listing

Check out their latest promotional video for The Seven Deadly Sinners!

Kristy Dellar, Hayley Burdon and Claudio Cirillio - Dream Team behind The Showhouse Perth

Taylah Hanna